Archive March 2016

Audio Files from the 2016 Ragtime Piano Festival in Durango, CO

The Pullman Room concerts are shorter than the others, most of which are an hour long.

Boogie Woogie Extravaganza Acts I and II
Frank LiVolsi Pullman Room Concerts (3 of them)
Frederick Hodges Introduces “The Freshman” and plays the “score”
Adam Swanson Lectures about Gene Green
Frederick Hodges Lectures about Ragtime followed by Q and A time
Blues Lecture by Carl “Sonny” Leyland
Friday Afternoon Concert – Multiple Performers
Friday Evening Concerts – Multiple Performers Acts I and II
Saturday Afternoon Concert
Saturday Night Acts I and II
Sunday Afternoon Acts I and II
Tom Brier Pullman Room Day 3 Concert
Virginia Tichenor Pullman Room Day 3 Concert
Will Perkins Pullman Room Day 1 and 2 Concerts
Andrew Greene – “Meow”, Pullman Room Day 1 and 2
Bar-D Wranglers Acts I and II
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