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Winners of  the 2015 Entertainment Duo Contest at the 41st Annual Southwest Pickers Festival!
We completed our first CD,
“Back in Time, Tin Pan Alley Favorites”
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Michael and Judy Muldawer enjoy performing songs from the early part of the twentieth century, a genre of musical history often referred to as “Tin Pan Alley.”

They have discovered fascinating stories pertaining to this musical era, and enjoy relating them to their audiences in their presentation, “Tales and Tunes of Tin Pan Alley.”

Michael plays the guitar, and Judy plays the ukulele.  Both sing and tell these tales with great enthusiasm.

The Muldawers perform for private parties as well as public venues.  Contact them through email or call 505-293-4077.

 …..”Your music is divine. I could listen you for hours and hours. Michael your voice conveys the music and era of the music perfectly. Judy listening to you keeps me on the edge of my chair. I keep leaning into it. You are so lovely together. ” Lauralee Northcutt, winner WMA Harmony Award 2014.