Brandywine Revival Festival 2019


C  Tunes Jam Led by Palmer Loux

C Tunes Jam Brandywine 2019 Download Zip File

Billy in the Lowground
Cherry River Rag
Denver Belle
Farewell Trion
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Horseshoe Bend
Jack of Diamonds
L and N Rag

Little Princess Footsteps
Old Melinda
Pike’s Peak
Rocky Pallette
Root Hog or Die
Swedish Waltz
Texas Gals
Wes Muir’s Tune

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Durango Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival 2017 Videos

The videos from the 2017 Festival are online.  There are 76 to watch!
Featured artists include (L-R):

Carl Sonny Leyland
Brian Holland
Marc Caparone
Danny Coots
Steve Pikal
Evan Artnzen
Adam Swanson
Morten Gunnar Larsen

Complete Audio Files from this Year’s Festival are Available Here!

Previous Festival Files are Here!
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